Employee and Partners

Due to cloud computing and mobile technologies, the access to enterprise applications is changing. Employees and partners access different platforms from multiple devices on a daily basis and quite often from their own devices. Despite the clear shift to more interconnected platforms, many companies remain oblivious to those changes. The solution to this problem is to offer access based on high security with user experience, which CoffeeBean can offer.

CoffeeBean’s Identity and Access Platform offers a robust technology to integrate with your services and platforms, delivering a single channel for employees and partners to access all of them.

The Omni User Concept

The Omni User Concept

In February 2019, Network World from IDG published an article on “Omni Users” worth sharing partially here because CoffeeBean’s Identity and Access Platform would enable Omni Users to access corporate applications.

“The Next Disruption: The Business Benefits of Supporting Omni Users

The digital age has created a new type of end-user: the “omni user.” Omni users are an emerging class of knowledge worker that not only require constant access to applications, data, and content, but also the same access to modern technology at work that they have at home in order to reach peak productivity. It is essential for modern digital organizations to properly support this new class of users, as omni users can steer their organizations in new directions and spur the innovation that digital companies need to thrive.

Omni users also need ready access at work to the same sets of tools and processes they’re already using at home—and for IT to support these technologies. For instance, an omni user might rely heavily on Apple computers, mobile devices, and wearables at home, but then must use Windows-equipped PCs at work. Or they might prefer the Google Chrome OS for their personal mobile devices, only to learn that their IT department doesn’t support it.”

Identity and Access

Identity and Access Platform for Omni Users

CoffeeBean helps in this scenario as our Identity and Access Platform ensures security and privacy for business applications, without unnecessary friction. Some of your enterprise benefits are:

  • Single Sign-On to give your employees an easier way to access any application with the same credentials.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication to enhance security during the access to applications.
  • Access security to manage levels of access within your organization.
  • End-to-end data encryption at all stages.
  • Ability to store and manage a large amount of identities and profile data.
  • AD/LDAP Services for easier integration and user provisioning.

*according to an IDG survey of 152 IT professionals (in the role of IT manager or higher).