MFA and IAM for VPN

MFA and IAM for VPN


Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) provide remote access to the organization’s internal, on-premises applications by creating a private tunnel for an off-site user to connect to those applications.

Although VPN is a valuable tool used for many companies, it is a legacy solution that needs caution from its security perspective. In most cases, your VPN is exposed to data breaches, credential stealing and unauthorized access.

CoffeeBean Tech is specialized in Identity and Access Management (IAM and CIAM), focusing on the security of corporate applications and VPNs, through different features that are part of this platform.

To increase the security of your VPN we recommend on a first stage to integrate with our MFA solution to block attackers from accessing your VPN accounts even if they obtain the username and password of your users. After that, we suggest an integration with the other services of our IAM platform.

Benefits of CoffeeBean IAM and MFA for your VPN

  • Blocks unauthorized access to local applications (on-premises)
  • Helps meet regulatory requirements
  • Enables strong authentication
  • Verifies all users accessing your organization’s resources
  • Protects against phishing threats