The CoffeeBean Identity and Access Platform creates the Customer Identity for a 360-degree view of your customer, including interactions with your digital properties.

Leverage on the Customer Identity to create consistent and personalized messages, to understand your customers’ preferences, what triggers their purchases and to improve their experience with your brand.


Customer Identity and Profile Data

CoffeeBean’s platform centralizes all of your customers’ identity on a single database and enhances it with data from different sources, such as:

  • Social Login
  • Progressive profiling
  • Customer activities (likes, purchases, login history, etc.)
  • Integration with CRM, ERPs and other data platforms

Segmentation and personalization

Segmentation and Personalization

Segmentation based on the customer identity data are used to create groups of customers and then to personalize the communication and experience for them. For this solution we use Elasticsearch, a highly scalable search and analytics engine.

Dynamic Lists

Dynamic Lists

Create dynamic lists based on filters configured on the customer identity. When a new customer registers and the profile fields match the filters, the customer is automatically added to the list.



Triggers are events designed to start engagement initiatives for a customer or a group of customers. Some of these triggers are:

  • Location-Based Events, using WiFi indoor-location or beacons
  • Access events (sign in, sign up, sign out)
  • Custom Events (through simple API integrations)

Analytics for a better strategy

Analytics for a Better Strategy

CoffeeBean provides different reports and integrations to BI solutions with the customers’ data to better understand their profile, preferences and behavior. We also offer a lightweight BI using Kibana, so you can customize your reports and have a single dashboard to visualize all your data.

By studying these analytics you can plan a better strategy based on real data.

Integration with marketing solutions

Integration with Marketing Solutions

CoffeeBean integrates into marketing platforms to offer the customer identity data for personalized customer engagement and for rich segmentation on marketing campaigns.

Among these solutions are the IBM Watson Campaign Automation and the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, for which we send the customer data and triggers to help build a personalized journey on these platforms.