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1. Introduction
2. Customer Registration and Customer Identity
3. Integrations?
3.1. Salesforce Marketing Cloud?
3.2. IBM Watson Campaign Automation
4. Engagement Over Omni Channel?
4.1. Social-ID & Chatbots
4.2. Examples of Real Time Engagements?
5. Analytics?
6. Free Wi-Fi Captive portals?

1. Introduction

CoffeeBean offers the ?Social-ID for CIAM?, a solution that authenticates and registers customers on websites, mobile apps and Wi-Fi portals. The Social-ID also creates the Customer Identity and integrates it into marketing platforms such as the IBM Watson Campaign Automation, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and other platforms for personalized customer engagement.

2. Customer Registration and Customer Identity

The core of the Social-ID is to authenticate users and to create their Customer Identity. This authentication can be done in different digital properties:

  • >Wi-Fi captive portals
  • >Websites
  • >Hotsites
  • >Mobile apps

When the Social-ID is implemented in more than one of these digital properties (for example on the mobile app and the Wi-Fi of a shopping center), the customer is recognized as the same one and all the data captured is stored in a single Customer Identity.

The Social-ID offers the following options to authenticate customers:

  • >Social Login (Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Linkedin)
  • >Registration as a Service (RaaS)
  • >Web forms with customizable fields
  • >Passwordless, uses SMS to validate phone number and authenticate users

Once the customer logs in using any of the options listed above, his/her Customer Identity is created and the customer information is stored into the Social-ID database.
All this information is synchronized with the social networks to automatically update them. In other words, if the customer adds or changes information on his/her social profile, this information will automatically be updated on the Customer Identity as well.

The image below shows the login and the registration page of a typical captive portal for a shopping center:

3. Integrations

The Social-ID integrates with third party marketing platforms to have the Customer Identity be used for personalized engagement.

Following the details of the integration for IBM Watson Campaign Automation and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The Social-ID delivers three values for the IBM and Salesforce’s Marketing Platforms:

  1. It builds the Customer Identity based on the social profiles and keeps it synchronized to the Marketing Platforms.
  2. It improves the Marketing Platforms’ customer engagement due to the customer’s social profile and new engagement channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Wi-Fi and beacons.
  3. It feeds Marketing Platforms with segmentation, real-time events and triggers for personalized campaigns and messages

For these integrations, the Social-ID brings the Customer Identity of all users in real time to the marketing platforms. ?Below is an example of a Customer Identity and its data:

(To see how this Customer Identity was created, please access this link and login with your Facebook account.)

In addition to the Customer Identity, the Social-ID also brings the user’s events to the integrated platforms to be used as triggers to send messages. Below are the triggers the Social-ID provides:

  1. Wi-Fi indoor location
  2. Login
  3. Sign up
  4. Logout
  5. Custom trigger (any customer action can be used here, such as clicking a button or a menu on the mobile app or website)
  6. Profile update
  7. Beacon

3.1. Social-ID Integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

For the integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the Social-ID authenticates customers, creates their Customer Identity and brings this data to the Contact Builder, by creating and integrating into a data extension. This data will be synchronized into the Social-ID and be kept updated.

Once this data is inside the Contact Builder, it can be segmented by different filters and can be used on the Journey Builder to create campaigns and to engage with customers through the Email Studio, MobilePush and other channels.

The Social-ID also uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud customer events as triggers for the campaigns. These triggers can be sent to the Contact Builder via the Contact Events REST API to be used as a trigger inside the Journey Builder.

3.2 Social-ID integration with IBM Watson Campaign Automation

CoffeeBean integrates its Social-ID solution into Watson Commerce and Watson Campaign Automation to offer social login and the customer’s social profile for Watson Marketing to deliver personalized engagement.

For the integration with IBM WCA, the Social-ID authenticates customers, creates their Customer Identity and brings this data to the IBM Universal Behavior Exchange (UBX). From UBX this data can be sent to every platform of the Watson environment, including the Watson Campaign Automation.

All the data sent to UBX is synchronized to the Social-ID and the social networks so it’s always updated.

The Social-ID also sends to IBM UBX the user’s events listed before that can be used as triggers to send messages on WCA or other tools.

See more details about this integration on this link.

4. Engagement Over Omni Channel

The Social-ID allows customers to authenticate in different digital properties as the same person and it also allows engagement with them through different channels while always using a personalized and consistent message.

The engagement over the omni channel is done in part through the integration with marketing platforms, such as IBM WCA and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

The Social-ID also provides additional channels such as:

  • Facebook notification (allowed through the Facebook login)
  • Web push notification
  • Chatbots

The subsession ?4.1 Social-ID & Chatbots? explains in detail about the Chatbots and how the Social-ID uses it to engage with customers and to capture more data from them. The subsession ?4.2 Examples of Real Time Engagements ?cover some examples of engagement using Social-ID and marketing platforms.

4.1 Social-ID & Chatbots

The Social-ID integrates into the chatbots to offer the login during the dialog with the bot and then uses this information to personalize the messages to offer the right products. During the conversation, the bot also captures information from the customers to enhance their Customer Identity.

The integration of the Social-ID with chatbots offers the following benefits:

  • Personalization of the conversation between chatbot and customer
  • Enhances Customer Identity with information that the customer provided during the chat
  • Engages with the customer in real time in the stores or shopping center
  • Engages with the customer later when they are back home

Below is a use case of a chatbot for a shopping center using Facebook Messenger and IBM Watson Conversation. In this example, the bot guides the customer through the shopping center and recommends stores and restaurants based on the Customer Identity:

4.2 Examples of Real Time Engagements

Below are two examples of engagement with customers in a shopping center:

  • A customer enters the shopping center, accesses the Wi-Fi and logs in with his Facebook and phone number. From his social profile, the Social-ID understands that he is a single man, in his 30’s who likes sports and running. The Social-ID brings this data to the Journey Builder that has a campaign ready for this type of profile. When this customer arrives on the third floor of the shopping center, he receives a SMS saying he has received a 30% discount on running shoes from a Nike Store on the same floor.
  • Another customer has already downloaded the shopping center’s mobile app and logged in with her Facebook account. From her social profile we know that she likes horror movies and her birthday is next week. She then receives an email inviting her to go to the movie theater on her birthday to watch a movie she may like and she additionally gets 50% off the ticket. When she arrives at the shopping center, she also gets a push notification wishing her a happy birthday and telling her that she can also get free popcorn as a birthday gift.

Please access to our live demo? to see our solution for engagement via omni channel including email, web push notifications, Chatbots and Facebook Notifications.

5. Analytics

The Social-ID offers multiple reports based on the Customer Identity: the data captured from the customers (such as preferences, age, location, etc.) and the data from the Wi-Fi solution (such as access logs, heatmaps, visitors per zone, etc.).

All this data can also be integrated into BI platforms to provide richer and more detailed graphs and reports.

6. Free Wi-Fi Captive Portals

The Social-ID integrates into the free Wifi of retail stores, shopping centers, airports or public venues to identify customers and capture their social profile to offer engagement over the captive portal.

The platform integrates with the main Wifi vendors including Cisco, HP-Aruba, Ruckus-Brocade, Zebra-Extreme Networks and others.

The social login for Wifi combined with the Single Sign On identifies and engages with customers who visited your website or mobile app.

The Social-ID delivers the following services for customer engagement based on Wi-Fi portals:

  • Customization of captive portal and its logos, templates and the navigation flow.
  • Creates and manages highlights and personalized content ideal for videos and ads.
  • Schedules campaigns on pre and post-login.
  • Organizes and manages different portals based on the location of the hotspot.

Dashboard to create and manage content on the captive portal.

Please access to our live demo to see our solution for Wi-Fi captive portals.